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    2016 — 8188 Washington St. #100 , 7693 Grizzly Ct, 19634 E. Caspian Cir, 2785 W. Irvington Ave, 12534 E. Cornell Ave #301, 22461 E. Powers Pl., 1811 S. Quebec Wy #110 , 2533 S. Eagle St, 4750 S. Dudley St. #37, 195 Millbrook Ct, 1650 Syracuse St, 12927 W. Oregon Dr, 2575 S. Syracuse Way207, 3307 S. Monaco Pkwy #C, 21740 E. Jarvis Pl, 3379 S. Ensenada Way, 18531 E. Radcliff, 2514 Lamar St, 7995 E. Mississippi D-13, 4428 E. 118th Ave, 9331 W. 90th Dr, 12420 Cameron Dr, 20706 E. Eastman Ave, 1389 S. Ulster St, 5950 S. Jebel Way, 3409 Gilpin St, 10340 Melody Dr,2015–12447 Topaz Vista Way, 4321 S Ceylon Way, 16665 E Auburn Hills Dr, 4915 W 36th Ave, 3600 Pierce St, 5193 Malaya St, 5467 Hannibal Way, 12375 Blue Terrace Way, 1129 S Monaco Pkwy, 9327 Branham Dr, 14046 E Standford Cir 1, 2730 S Delaware St, 15129 E Columbia Dr, 13970 Ashgrove Cir, 472 N Jackson Gap Way, 12685 E Pacific Cir, 9060 Stuart St, 8152 S. Mobile Way, 14046 E. Standford Cir. 2, 4636 S. Granby Way #D, 1293 Carlyle Park Cir, 2600 S Green Ct, 6222 N. Dunkirk Ct, 1250 S Monaco #111, 8865 Federal Blvd #206, 1155 Ash St. #802, 799 Willow Dr, 3885 Vrain St, 3912 E Evans Ave, 7680 S Kendall Blvd, 12098 E Colorado Pl., 3007 Woodbriar Dr, 6556 Elmwood St, 10267 Dusk Ct, 2250 Ashwood Lane, 1423 S Haleyville Cir, 5156 S. Routt Ct, 1432 S Grand Baker St, 521 E. Hills Rd, 10479 Brookwood Pt, 13886 Ashgrove Cir, 12390 Serena Ct, 2285 Iris St, 24258 E. Davies Pl., 1570 Burlington Pl., 7445 S. Alkire St. #305, 10894 Bayfield Way, 1213 Argonne Cir., 5255 Memphis St. #322, 11483 W. Ida Ave, 1154 Ash Cir, 11983 E. Kepner Dr, 2785 W. Irvington Pl, 10553 Hyacinth Pl., 4030 S. Richfield Way, 10756 Ottawa Ave, 8547 GoldPeak Dr. #F, 2499 Ambience Lane , Hidden Valley, 4650 S. Laredo St, 10331 Severance Dr, 2265 S. Cherry St, 2360 E. 111th Dr, 1503 S. Ouray Cir. #A, 6154 S. Jericho Way, 20075 E. Dartmouth Dr, 6054 Utica Dr, 218 Clancy Ct, 854 Ironspur, 25501 E. 5th Pl., 3506 S. Depew St. #4, 14221 E. 1st Dr. #201, 5760 Bryant St, 5793 W. Alder Ave, 4021 E. Geddes Cir, 2636 Birch St, 7705 Shenandoah Dr, 12606 S. Dove Creek Way, 18989 E. Warren Dr, 3172 Dragonfly Ct, 9584 Pearl Cir. Unit 104, 10219 Black Forest Dr, 5084 S Gold Bug Way, 7672 W. Ottawa Pl., 8133 Spikegrass Ct, 7216 Timbercrest Lane, 1111S. Coolidge Cir, 2639 Live Oak Ct., 14695 E Hawaii Pl., 4300 S. Sherman St, 865 Newark St, 1532 Ulster St, 7904 Chase Cir, 9068 Gale Blvd, 1975 Danube Way, 17509 E. Brown Cir, 8976 Fox Dr. #1-103, 9726 Edgewater Pl,2014–10862 Hickory Ridge Ln, 2998 Marshall Ct, 22098 E Bellewood Pl, 1029 E 8th Ave #303, 2677 Eaton St, 23175 E York Ave, 14168 E Radcliff Cir, 18345 E Flora Dr, 6017 Castlegate Dr W #F22, 5501 S University Blvd, 4756 Raleigh St, 20005 E 41st Ave, 6328 Harrison Ct, 10826 Montvale Cir, 6851 Lynch Ln, 9914 Venneford Ranch, 11924 E Maple Ave, 2051 S Salida St, 9356 W Nichols Pl, 303 Inverness Way #303, 7429 Alkire St #205, 1367 S Lewiston Way, 964 Pleasant View St, 6762 Deer Path, 22675 E River Chase Wy, 8927 W Plymouth Ave, 9577 Cherryvale Ln, 23474 E Heritage Pkwy, 9145 S Woodland Dr, 5532 Kirk Street, 11421 Night Heron Dr, 11324 Niagara St, 3859 S Sherman St, 21052 E Ida Ave, 8358 Sandreed Cir, 12896 Ironstone Way #103, 6932 S Broadway, 19350 E 45th Ave, 1827 Grant St #501, 3887 Vrain St, 985 Miller St, 14291 E Napa Pl #3D, 979 Granby Way, 3325 Sturbridge Dr, 7382 S Sourdough Dr, 5458 S Versailles Way, 53 Mountain Shadows Ln, 22795 E Ottawa Cir, 585 S Alton Way #10C, 8666 W Prentice Ave, 5744 Raleigh Cir, 6001 S Yosemite A101, 1039 W 133rd Way, 1184 S Truckee Way, 220 S Raleigh St, 1517 S Owens St #8, 5420 W 115th Loop, 1255 S Lewiston Wy, 6540 Dover St, 4106 S Laredo Wy, 24313 E Dorado Pl, 20723 E Girard Dr, 11224 Jordan Ct, 4641 W Tufts Ave, 500 E 83rd Ave, 10102 Lowell Way, 20645 E Girard Pl, 5353 S Tibet St, 15641 E Colorado Blvd, 10465 Montecito Dr, 930 Acoma St #313, 15122 E 50th Way, 11634 E Cornell Cir, 25140 E Stroll Ave, 19624 E Amherst Dr, 3334 S Ammons St # 13-205, 7085 S Cherry Dr, 4356 Fillmore St, 21423 Unbridled Dr, 3080 W Prentice Ave #C, 4465 Lyndenwood Pt, 1320 S Monaco #12, 15484 E 99th Ave, 10831 Chambers Way, 18524 E Layton Pl, 6901 E 6th Ave, 19576 E Iowa Cir, 1853 S Hazel Ct, 19771 E Villanova Pl, 1636 Tamarac St, 1179 W Laurenwood Way, 7052 S Lewis Ct, 3550 S Harland St, 11193 E. 28th Pl,2013–11080 Glengate Cir, 19448 E Utah Place, 6904 S Dahlia St, 11483 Hot Springs Dr, 2100 Carr St, 3071 W 107th Pl, 11635 Crow Hill Dr, 3432 Locust St #F, 4966 Fundy St, 2689 Moline Ct, 5051 S Netherland Way, 7250 E 67th Pl, 11786 Elizabeth Cir, 91 S Eagle Cir, 7942 Fenton Dr, 5839 S Pearl St, 12856 King St, 45642 Coal Creek Dr, 10704 Evondale St, 8884 Miners St, 9550 S Florida #2016, 1277 Indianfield, 6512 Xenophon, 5860 S Perth Pl, 547 Rachael Pl, 1470 S Quebec Way #159, 2700 E Cherry Creek Dr S, 2349 E Nichols Pl, 6764 S Yates Ct, 2515 W 42nd Ave, 2855 S University, 471 Downing St, 15914 E Nichols Pl, 9904 Martin Luther King Dr, 11590 Hot Springs Dr, 9912 Downing St, 12808 Domingo Ct, 781 Rockhurst Dr, 2161 Samuel Dr, 12307 W Aqueduct Dt, 8153 Fillmore Cir, 344 Titan St, 10150 E Virginia Ave , 158 Stockwell St, 5745 W Atlantic Pl #204, 3872 S Shawnee Way, 8237 Harbortown Pl, 9685 Ironton St, 4830 S Fox St, 10722 Harrison St, 13786 Ivy St, 6626 S Reed Way, 9132 Roundtree Dr, 1299 N Heritage Ave, 15942 E Nichols Ave, 12001 E Harvard Ave #203, 16405 Mt Vernon Rd, 7945 Joan Drive, 4366 Dearborn St, 1421 Glencoe St, 2662 Cathay Way #104, 10176 Park Meadows Dr, 1907 S Vrain St, 15964 W 60th Cir, 11163 W 17th Ave #8-103, 2284 Hyacinth Rd, 5599 S VanGordon St, 11932 E Maple St, 423 Humboldt St, 1125 Washington St, 1611 Quebec St, 133 S Jackson St A-3, 8467 Liverpool Cir, 3756 S Granby Wy, 9977 Sydney Lane, 790 S Decatur St, 17555 Nature Walk Trail, 1854 W 152nd Place, 21791 Omaha Ave, 10347 Adams Pl, 3586 S Depew St #14-102, 7474 E Arkansas Ave #1704, 7995 W 52nd Ave, 11135 Kennedy Ave, 6509 Independence Ct, 5745 N Genoa Way #13-102, 17144 E Brown Cir, 11890 Bent Oaks St, 15899 E Tennessee Ave, 3269 Glorious Pl, 2266 Ironton St, 785 S Alton Way 8B, 2643 S Quitman St, 9714 W Elmhurst Pl, 1482 S Clay St, 31896 Griffin Drive, 4518 S Ireland St, 6515 W Mississippi Pl, 5337 S Valdai St, 6050 Otis St, 4760 Pierce St, 1632 W Canal Cir #912, 4274 S Salida Way #14, 12973 E 47th Ave, 12803 Columbine Cir, 13166 Linvale Pl, 4045 W Dartmouth Ave, 20855 E Girard Place, 13016 E Linvale Pl, 9577 Pearl Circle #101, 6854 Balsam St, 3637 S Fundy way, 7985 Downing St, 9151 E Harvard Ave, 314 Franklin St, 17477 Cornerstone Ln, 219 Zephyr Ct, 1058 Fremont Dr, 8533 Redstone St, 5775 E 132nd Way, 12178 Melody Drive, 2306 Glenarm Place #101,2012–1335 Umatilla St, 21540 E Stroll Ave, 635 Larkwood Pl, 12593 Pacific Cir, 3985 S Richfield Wy, 5668 Cheetah Chase, 2174 Joplin Way, 837 S Naples Way, 859 Mercury Cir, 555 E 10th Ave #407, 9950 Sydney Ln, 17032 Golden Poppy Ln, 1975 Mt Sage Dr, 1847 Winfield Dr, 10176 ParkMeadows Dr #2101, 2267 Ogden St #D, 4784 Elati St, 12925 Magnolia Pl, 5726 Jack Pl, 2668 McLean Ct, 23963 E 2nd Dr, 10518 Ketchwood Ct, 2048 Oakcrest Cir, 10025 Teton Ct, 9051 S Warhawk Rd, 9898 Bathurst Wy, 2445 S Decatur St, 13326 Humboldt Dr, 4381 S Himalaya Cir, 3703 High Ct, 4611 S Abilene Cir, 18277 Peru Creek Ave, 12224 Coral Burst Lane, 8520 Union Cir, 81st Ave # C, 2458 S Victor St #F, 2213 Santa Fe Dr, 3405 White Oak Lane, 5015 Haleyville Street, 7358 W 96th Ave, Tanglewood, 9925 Saybrook St, 5895 Cheetah Cove, 12354 E Bates Cir, 1253 Eclipse St, 6612 Tiger Tooth, 6022 S Galena Ct, 18306 E Wesley Place, 9105 E Lehigh Ave # 119, 17144 E Brown Cir, 5927 S Hill St, 7305 S Glencoe St, 0 Vacant Land, 218 Douglas Fir Ave, 10748 Riverbrook Circle, 569 Upham St, 4467 Valleybrook Drive, 801 Oneida St, 10815 Mt Bross Way, 7211 Brook Forest Dr, 13028 W 1st Drive, 447 Memphis Rd, 4192 Aspenmeadow Cir, 8868 Nightingdale Way, 248 Garfield St #A, 3081 S Birch St, 2493 Mountain Skye Dr, 2190 Geddes Ave #H, 11024 Claude Ct, 9536 Devon Ct, 6291 Moulton Ct, 199 Chickadee Ln, 13564 Green Ct, 4807 Halifax St, 9377 Newport Ln, 17021 Blue Indigo Ln, 9599 Cedarhurst Ln, 444 Rose Finch Cir, 4903 S Fultondale Way, 294 S Newark, 104 Gilbert St, 105 Gilbert St, 11332 Lovage Way, 21951 E Crestline Pl, 10416 Independence St, 6364 S Prescott St, 142 De Gualle St, 16283 Belleview Dr, 5618 Gore Range Wy, 2549 W 90th Ave, 10161 Mountain Maple Dr, 10820 Ironstone Wy #14102, 4371 E Andover Ave, 9948 Melbourne Cir, 11201 Gilcrest St, 438 S Potomac Cir, 7779 Upham St, 1427 Rosemary Dr, 453 Stimson Ave, 8765 Snowbird Way, 41313 Pine Meadow Ct, 973 Cinnabar Dr, 23731 Alabama Dr, 20075 E Dartmouth Dr, 1266 N Third St, 134 Monroe St, 1895 Jellison St, 2008 Tournament Ct, 235 N Millbrook Ct, 6865 S Glencoe St, 4003 W Kenyon Ave, 2796 Black Canyon Way, 1416 Ivy St, 3344 S Ammons St, 10 S Evanston Way, 1159 Stoneybrook, 5327 S Foresthill St, 19911 Victorian Way, 3336 Navajo St, 68 Whitehaven Cir, 6475 S Telluride St, 2140 Lookout Mountain Rd, 4608 Fig St, 6043 S Zeno Ct, 1900 S Manilla St,2011–636 Washington St, 5344 Wheeling St, 5740 Kenton Way, 3837 Aldenbridge Cir, 10703 Cherrington St, 4090 Sharilane St, 9001 Jimson Weed Way, 7831 Vallagio Lane, 10566 Robb Dr, 8896 Edinburgh Cir, 20871 Hamilton Ave, 2125 Harmony Park Dr, 9767 Lane St, 10729 Marcott St, 3761 S Orleans St, 12698 Jersey Cir, 3700 Adams St, 5012 Malaya Way, 8199 Webster St, 5263 Newton St, 6013 Castlegate Dr, 6856 Coco Pl, 4891 Lowell Blvd, 7369 74th Ave, 10705 Flagler Dr, 777 Washington St #504, 4580 Bannock St, 1150 Golden #405 – L, 1150 Golden #405 – S, 1101 Southbury Place, 8337 Upham Way, 9683 Chatfield Ave #B, 8177 Trenton Way, 5420 Perth St, 12937 Kearney St, 7474 Arkansas Ave #2601, 503 Galapago St, 1944 Unita St, 756 Zion St, 8491 Harrison Way, 4639 Fair Pl, 9657 Chatfield Ave #D, 11551 Penrith Road, 540 Forest St #9202, 2318 S Lincoln St, 7395 Nucla St, 8881 Tappy Toorie Cir, 2493 Andes Cir, 3511 Newport St, 16306 Fremont Ave #6, 9720 Garwood St, 10084 Cottoncreek Dr, 18068 Nassau Dr, 16157 Whitehawk Dr, 7722 Geddes Pl, 6437 Glencoe Ct, 872 Nichols Pl, 7248 Spruce St, 4799 Mariposa Road, 5675 Amber Ridge Dr, 47511 Colo Road #101, 2255 Dexter St, 7561 Monaco St, 11213 Gilcrest St, 5460 128th Dr, 1408 Apex Valley Rd, 9538 San Juan Cir #107, 2036 Olathe St, 789 Galena St, 5975 Paris Place, 5961 Monument Dr, 5026 Dunkirk Way, 3041 Bellewood Dr, 6493 Trapper Ct, 13881 Radcliff Pl, 8575 Meadow Creek Dr, 7254 S Xenia Cir #8 – L, 7254 S Xenia Cir #8 – S, 6493 Trapper Ct, 3356 Blue Grass Cir, 1020 15th St #20L, 2824 Wheeling Way, 127 Ash Ave, 2996 119th Ave, 640 Quivas, 6098 Union, 18130 E Asbury Dr, 988 Jasmine St, 9545 Coal Mine Ave #J, 1203 Snowberry Lane, 4358 Halifax St, 1287 Eureka Ct, 2348 S Elkhard St, 8250 128th Pl, 9641 Castle Ridge Cir, 17553 60th Lane, 2656 S Jebel Way, 10052 Sandpebble Ct, 3855 E Mineral Pl,2010–2275 Grape St, 701 Pearl St #507, 830 Sherman St, 4788 Desperado Wy, 19125 Baker Pl, 411 Winterthur Way, 15963 Rock Crystal Dr, 16262 Parkside Dr, 7940 Race Ct, 10056 W Unser #203, 10872 Evans Ave #2B, 20991 Malaya Ct, 7210 Otis Ct, 11284 River Oaks Ln, 20091 Bellewood Dr, 5430 Wangaratta Way, 4641 Fraser Cr ##, 4927 S Eagle cr, 9826 Lafayette St, 6556 Hillside Way, 4290 Ravenwood Ct, 1011 Valentia #144, 9710 Dahlia Ln, 3410 W Mountain Rd, 10272 Mountain Maple Rd, 3155 Bear Creek Rd, 4865 Apollo Bay Dr, 10635 Wildhurst Cr, 6788 Tanglewood Rd, 11250 Glenmoor Cr, 9679 Tammy Lane, 3249 Alaska Pl, 2842 Centennial Dr #L, 22404 Hidden Trail, 476 Danforth Av, 12466 Park Lane Dr, 2611 Wisteria, 9612 Sun Meadow St, 16370 Hawkstone, 10751 Twenty Mile Rd #204, 4855 Perry Park Rd, 10045 Ridgefield Ln, 2392 Dakota Ave, 1175 Iris St, 3244 Newland St, 14767 E Stanford Pl, 9057 Bear Mountain Dr, 12073 Harvard Ave #104, 10479 Brookwood Pt, 36 Whitehaven Cr, 6522 14th Av, 15603 Chenango, 601 11th Ave #332, 6046 Willow Way, 1150 S Waco St #A, 9420 Lilly Ct, 22920 Roxbury #3H, 4933 Carson St #208, 9375 Authumn Ash Pl, 8021 Newport Ct, 1552 Benton St, 2836 Filmore St, 5347 Tom Bay Pl, 9797 Foxhill Cr, 3500 Telluride Cr, 1751 Uinta St, 4371 Swansboro Way, 8061 Capt Meriweather, 16793 Ada Pl, 15815 Ulster St, 3028 Josephine St, 8237 Harbortown Pl, 3561 Percel St, 6392 Irvington Wy, 21814 Berry Ln, 2608 Pemberly Ave, , 19805 Applewood Ct, 9874 74th Wy, 2365 Urban St, 659 Stuart St, 3126 Ramshorn Dr, 2995 Mount Royal Dr, 6160 70th Av, 8007 Quince Cr, 6133 Medford Ct, 16510 Essex Rd, 4518 Ireland St, 7901 Lowell Blvd #A, 22009 Princeton Cr, 2246 King St,2009–9670 Ohio Av, 7940 S Race Ct, 4835 S Pagosa Cr, 4935 Ashbrook Cr, 5706 Glenstone Ln, 4328 Deephaven Ct, 10796 Towerbridge Cr, 23449 Canyon Pl, 10864 Brooklawn Rd, 285 Stockwell St, 10769 Riverbrook Cr, 2701 Jackson St, 20 S Logan St, 10798 Mountshire Cr, 4581 Lyndenwood Cr, 8834 Pochard St, 14375 Lipan St, 9642 Burberry Ln, 8095 Colorado Blvd #5, 699 Canyon Dr, 2933 Bryant Cr, 1171 Kettle Av, 5860 Perth Pl, 17737 Crestridge Pl, 1332 Williams St #201, 4834 Nucla Wy, 2226 Granite Ave, 1517 Spring Water Wy, 22818 E Belleview Pl, 6019 Trailhead Rd, 9772 Bucknell Wy, 5119 W Freemont Av, 5116 Sydney Av, 6725 S Versailles Wy, 5417 Wangaratta Wy, 1426 Elmwood Ln, 13691 Marina Dr #309, 15170 E Walsh Pl, 9443 Pendleton Dr, 5898 Walden St, 5646 Wenatchee St, 10262 Willow Bridge Ct, 8051 Wolff St #F, 8331 Warhawk Rd, 2827 S Jebel Wy, 6005 Castlegate Dr B-28, 2479 Cutters Cr #102, 2008–2335 S Meade St, 11049 Meadowvale Cr, 2395 S Lowell Blvd, 10170 Bentwood Cr, 10269 Rustic Redwood Ln, 9784 Burberry Wy, 10833 Towerbridge Ln, 9677 W. Chatfield Ave #E, 9632 Burberry Ln, 9649 Rockhampton wy, 10429 Tracewood Ct, 522 E Lindenwood Ct, 7344 Winter Berry Ln , 10269 Cherryhurst Ln, 8870 Goosander Wy, 6557 Turnstone Ave, 3779 Irving St, 7700 w glasgow pl #17D, 4123 Whittier Dr, 4594 Yarrow St, 9607 Newcastle Dr, 10520 Lynx Ct, 2591 E 111th Dr, 6700 W Dorado Dr #55, 10287 Sedgegrass wy, 4455 Lyndenwood Cr, 4625 Gibraltar ST, 3076 Fox Sedge Pl, 1743 Holeman Dr, 10521 Ketchwood Cr, 6860 Pierce st, 22076 Daystar Dr, 1417 Willow Oak Rd, 925 Brookhurst Ave #E, 10859 Heatherton Cr, 239 Summit Circle, 531 Clayton St, 2972 Veneto Ln, 10682 Cherrington St, 3779 Irving St, 2616 Cherry Creek S Dr, 11992 Long Cr #104, 5794 Ceylon St, 636 Washington, 108 Quick Silver Ave, 1720 s Rariton St, 3810 Strawberry Field, 2335 S Meade St addl , 6202 NE Alameda OR, 1405 Willow oak Rd,2007–1700 Bassett St, 10287 Sedge Grass Wy, 11829 E. Bates Cr, 8133 Spike Grass ct, 7755 e. Quincy #A4-202, 2720 Irving St, 10793 Cedar Brook St, 5277 Windflower Ln, 4556 Ketchwood Cr, 10484 Tracewood Cr, 9707 Westbury Wy, 9070 W. 112th Ave , 5403 Wangaratta Wy, 23471 Holly Hills Wy, 3703 High Ct, 20427 E. Milan Pl, 9785 Bexley Dr, 10445 Tracewood Cr, 9999 Strathfield Ln, 9973 Heywood St, 4202-06 Eliot St, 9768 Townsville Cr, 3065 S Delaware St, 1626 Rosemary Dr, 8612 Mallard Pl, 17674 w. 63rd DR, 8743 Fairview Oaks Ln, 522 E. Lindenwood Ct -L, 523 E. Lindenwood Ct-S, 336 Sherman St, 8724 Redwing Ave., 5795 Cheetah Chase, 10077 Broome Wy, 9783 Burberry Wy, 2691 Baneberry Ct, 10025 E. Mexico Ave, 4350 Ravenswood Ct, 3469 Meadow Creek Wy, 10272 Mountain Maple Dr, 10252 Telluride Wy,2006–2577 Trailblazer Wy, 18166 Saskatoon Pl, 1875 Brookwood Dr, 11829 E. Bates CR, 10295 S. Alexa Ln, 730 Ridgemont Dr, 59 Olympus Cr, 4621 Laurelglen Ln, 14256 E. Whitaker Pl, 6203 LionsPoint , 118 Whitehaven Cr, 4895 S. Delaware, 4228 Ashcroft, 2334 Jute Ln, 1383 Carlyle Park Cr, 4681 Whimbrel Dr, 10461 Brookwood Pt, 6213 Ames Ct, 10237 Dan Ct, 1935 Mountain Laurel Cr, 4326 Lyndenwood Pt, 3477 Soft Wind PT, 432 English Sparrow Dr, 10284 Alexa Ln, 2351 Federal Blvd #202, 4773 Hunterwood Dr, 87 Woodland Cr, 4572 Dusty Pine Trail, 13190 Picadilly RD, 46 Whitehaven Cr, 10707 Wynspire Wy, 5797 E. 132nd Wy, 9583 Las Colinas, 1625 S Danube Way #102, 1226 S. Monaco #308, 5090 Morning Glory Place, 970 W. 112th Ave, 3127 W. 22nd Ave, 9108 Crosspointe Dr,2005–7412 S. Quail Cir #1227, 1155 Ash St, 8861 Chestnut Hill Lane, 3059 S. Ogden St, 6872 Lionshead Pkwy, 3007 Woodbriar Dr, 2982 Braeburn Wy, 42 Whitehaven Cr, 96 Whitehaven Cr, 9674 Sun Meadow St, 645 Blue Heron Wy, 6872 Lionshead Pkwy, 10507 Tracewood Cr, 9686 Townsville Cr, 9921 Silver Maple Rd, 7433 Chipmunk Pl., 24642 E. Davies Wy, 22459 E. Fair Pl, 4765 S. Eaton Parkway, 4502 Irving St, 450 Washington St, 7635 Brown Bear Wy, 10060 Long View Dr, 786 Geneva St, 2721 S. Joslin St, 170 S. Vrain St, 8651 Aberdeen Cr, 360 Birch Street, 10578 Walters Cr, 4309 Eliot St, 3234 Beech Ct, 589 W. 116th Way, 3880 Osceola St, 5063 Stuart St, 56 Eaton St, 56 Eaton St, 2405 S. Holman Cir, 3329 W. 39th Ave, 4618 S. Decatur St. #124, 2338 Federal Blvd, 3346 Eliot St, 3725 Zenobia St, 955 Field St, 1335 Steele St, 22459 E. Fair Pl, 3200 W. 26th Ave, 2445 W. 39th Ave, 7255 E Quincy Ave, 4431 Alcott St, 2222 Meade St, 2918 Glenarm Pl, 388 Jasper Way, 12233 W Cross Dr. #201, 7373 E Iowa Ave #1126, 3362 W. Hayward Pl., 5063 Stuart Street, 4840 King St, 8570 E. Temple, 7101 W Yale Ave #701, 3346 Eliot St, 4145 Marshall St, 4456 Yates St., 6755 S. Field St #617, 10780 N. Larry Dr, 1335 Steele St, 320 S. Simms, 4405 Perry St, 3342 S. Dallas Ct., 3801 E. 99th Ave., 8117 54th Pl #10, 9925 W. 20th, 13027 Adams Ct, 4456 Yates St, 4496 S. Delaware St, 2604 Stout St. #2, 3546 Humboldt St, 1200 E. Elm St, 20 S Newland, 6162 Devils Head CT, 2925 Irving St, 830 Sherman St, 1687 S. Quintero Wy, 7368 S. Ridgeview Dr, 2241 Hyacinth Rd, 9606 W Chatfield Ave C, 6787 Serena Ave, 9507 Castle Ridge Cr, 467 Blackfoot, 9610 W. Chatfield Ave #c, 9182 Roundtree Dr, 4180 W. 111th Cr, 16380 E. Fremont Ave#3 , 11702 Spring Dr, 1838 Rough Ct, 9895 Greensview Cr, 4023 S. Washington St., 1295 Baguette Dr, 620 Tichy Blvd, 9235 Winona , 532 Oakwood Dr, 1481 S. Newton St, 15736 E. 109th,2004–17868 E Cornell Dr, 17996 E. Bethany Dr, 15678 E. Purdue Dr, 6353 Vacquero Dr, 12375 Blue Terrace Way, 7888 Berkshire Ln, 5700 Amber Ridge Dr, 22387 Quail Run Dr, 8531 Winter Berry Dr, 10190 Cherryhurst Ln, 4556 Ketchwood Cr, 10646 Hyacinth Ct, 9361 Weatherstone, 9485 S. Devon Ct, 4320 Bryant St, 3161 W. 37th Ave, 5069 Stuart St, 4530 Perry St, 4480 Elm St, 9042 E. Lehigh, 1341 Washington St #6, 840 S. Washington St, 3496 E. Nielson Ln, 8090 W. 8th Pl, 4150 Pierce St, 3600 S. Pierce St #6-304, 18298 W. 58th Pl, 1890 S. Quay St, 18641 E. 19th, 1386 Avgare Way, 1980 Copper Creek Dr, 7747 24th Avenue, 1140 Ivanhoe , 4440 Wyandot, 2525 W. 38th Ave, 3836 Newton St. , 4865 Fenton St, 3915 Vrain St, 7771 E. Hampden , 9104 E. Mansfield Ave, 601 W. 11th Ave #322, 9505 W. Coalmine Ave, 7101 Fenton Cr. , 3470 W. 104th, 985 W Evanston , 9981 Sydney Ln, 4817 Waldenwood Drive, 3441 W. Scott Pl, 813 Parkdale Pl. Erie, 5052 Grey Wolff Pl, 7760 Woodstock Ct, 9853 Greensview Circle, 1575 Adams, 1029 E. 8th #105, 3462 S. Fairfax, 6116 S. Galena ,2003–63 S. 22nd Ave, 4001S. Flanders, 9612 Sun Meadow St, 2109 Mt Zion, 3500 Hoyt St, 4281 Julian St, 7344 Winter Berry Ln, 1550-52 Perry St, 6509 Independence Ct, 12857 W. 54th Pl., 3355 S. Flower, 13540 W. 78th Avenue, 3169 W.34th Ave, 18294 W. 58th Pl. Apt 13, 2952 Osceola St, 3927 Yates St, 3420 Lowell Blvd, 3428 Lowell Blvd, 1555 E. 40th Ave #51, 4354 Galapago, 1376 Pearl #209, 1300 Bluebird St, 9730 Westbury Wy, 8284 Johnson ST, 1340 Emerson St # 9, 14152 E. Linvale Place #510, 4042 Alcott, 1970 Union St, 4110 S. Delaware St, 10091 W 9th Dr, 2684 S. Lincoln St, 2325 S. Meade St, 8600 E. Alameda # , 3060 W. 34th Ave, 640 Elati, 2936 Raleigh St, 4375 Quitman St, 3865 Xavier, 12233 W. Cross Dr, 4982 S. Ulster #708, 1874 S. Grant, 4790 S. Inca St, 7880 Hooker St, 3541 W. 79th Ave, 14603 E. 47th, 9895 Greensview Cr, 7970 Hooker, 42 Heritage Ave, 6776 Ivy #B8, 627 Monte vista Rd, 8402 S. Willow Creek St, 1155 Rifle Ct,2002–3072 W. 39th Ave, 1175 Iris St, 3738 Zenobia ST, 10428 Jellison Wy, 360 Osceola St, 1650 S. Uvalda, 815 Inca St., 3532- 38 Grape St, 4891 Lowell Blvd, 3736 Williams ST, 726 S. Glencoe Street, 840 Brentwood, 7879 Dudley ST, 7889 Canvasback Cr, 1444 Bethal , 8554 Winter Berry Dr, 4802 W. Moncrieff Pl., 4309 Eliot St, 1300 Niagra St, 2910 S. Steele, 11049 w. 62nd Pl, 1114 Corona, 251 S. Jackson, 777 Washington #507, 2685 S. Dayton St. #77, 2124 Perry St, 333 Cherokee St, 4309 Eliot St, 1120 Clarkson #4, 4557 Decatur, 4951 w. 36th, 11930 w. 76th Dr, 1120 Clarkson #4, 2655 Irving, 4919 w. 43rd Ave, 150 W. Byers Pl., 1590 Ulster St, 3836 Newton, 10447 Choke Cherry Ct, 8025 w. 45th , 12352 W. Nevada, 1120 Clarkson #2, 757 Williams St, 761 Garfield St, 8199 Welby Rd #1702, 5821 Tichy Blvd, 9519 W. Nichols Dr, 1590 Ulster st, 4535 Julian Street, 3848 yates, 6351 W. Arbor Dr, 511 W. 16th, 2540 Quay St, 2424 Julian ST, 4349 S. Pennsylvania, 5410 Bobcat St, 6274 Wadsworth Blvd #A, 800 Grape St, 1164 Boston St., 11937 E. Ford , 53 S. Nome St, 1116 Kalamath St, 2211 Marshall St, 777 Washington #507, 3175 W. Louisiana, 2020 Sherrelwood, 7755 E. Quincy, 1520 S. Florence, 2332 S. Troy St, 4625 S. Flanders , 8810 w. 2nd, 4422 S. Cherokee St, 2866 s. Gibralter, 2831 Glencoe, 3136 w. 24th Ave, 8051 Wolff St #L,2001–1405 S. Utica, 2539 S. Josephine, 8342 W. 70th Pl, 1404 S. Estes Way, 2040 Lafayette St., 624 S. Carr St, 1825 Glen Dale Dr, 1825 Glen Dale Dr, 10080 Royal Eagle, 8093 S Hoyt St, 3200 W. 26th Ave, 2040 Rosemary St, 2081 Eudora St, 1341 Dahlia St, 1567 Newton St, 589 W. 116th Way, 3880 Osceola St., 5063 Stuart St, 56 Eaton St, 56 Eaton St, 2405 S. Holman Cir, 3329 W. 39th Ave, 4618 S. Decatur St. #124, 2338 Federal Blvd, 3346 Eliot St, 3725 Zenobia St, 955 Field St, 1335 Steele St, 22459 E. Fair Pl, 3200 W. 26th Ave, 2445 W. 39th Ave, 7255 E Quincy Ave, 4431 Alcott St, 2222 Meade St, 2918 Glenarm Pl, 388 Jasper Way, 12233 W Cross Dr. #201, 7373 E Iowa Ave #1126, 3362 W. Hayward Pl., 5063 Stuart Street, 4840 King St, 8570 E. Temple, 7101 W Yale Ave #701, 3346 Eliot St, 4145 Marshall St, 4456 Yates St., 6755 S. Field St #617, 10780 N. Larry Dr, 1335 Steele St, 320 S. Simms, 4405 Perry St, 3342 S. Dallas Ct, 3801 E. 99th Ave., 8117 54th Pl #10, 9925 W. 20th, 13027 Adams Ct, 4456 Yates St., 4496 S. Delaware St, 2604 Stout St. #2, 3546 Humboldt St, 1200 E. 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Hayward Pl., 4039 Newton St, 2737 Utica St, 8537 Union Cr, 3054 Meade St., 3877 Osceola -l, 3877 Osceola -s , 3114 W. 41st Ave, 3877 Osceola St, 3346 Eliot St, 2952 Osceola St, 4194 Irving St, 1815-21 Hooker St, 3109 W. 37th Ave-l, 3109 W. 37th Ave-s, 3153 S. Boston Ct, 2243 Julian St, 3887 Vrain St., 2511 Irving St., 3600 Newton St., 2684 Raleigh St.- l, 2684 Raleigh St.- s, 2649 King St, 1040 Pennsylvania St,1993–3607 Perry St, 3607 Perry St, 4854 Quitman St, 3935 W. 35th Ave, 4280 Osceola St. – l, 4280 Osceola St. – s, 3431 W. 35th Ave, 3545 Perry St, 2903 W. 28th Ave, 2963 Irving St, 2243 Julian St, 3955 Alcott St, 4105 Irving St, 3868 Osceola St, 3455 W. 37th Ave, 4505 W. 31st Ave, 1545 Tennyson St, 3169 W. 34th Ave, 9141 W. 75th Pl., 3637 Perry St, 4560 W. 34th Ave, 4427 Newton St, 3874 Osceola St, 4469 Perry St, 840 Brentwood St, 3551 Newton St, 4202 -06 Stuart St, 2834 W. 34th Ave, 4410 Raleigh St. – l, 4410 raleigh St ,1992–1039 Adams St, 1347 S. Ogden St, 3623 Julian St, 4399 E. 113th Ave, 4436 Utica St, 3514 Stuart St, 2021 Eliot St., 4600 W. 32nd Ave, 45 Skyline Dr, 2925 Yates St, 11452 W. Lake Dr, 2822 Yates St, 4490 Newton St, 3112 Meade St, 3530 Perry St, 2924 Zenobia St, 1258 Downing St, 3289 Perry St, 4364 Stuart St, 3161 W. 37th Ave, 3161 W. 37th Ave, 3338 W. 31st Ave, 3278 Perry St, 3282 Perry St, 4709 W. 30th Ave, 3380 Hayward Pl., 4320 Bryant St., 3222 W. Hayward Pl., 4039 Newton St, 2737 Utica St, 8537 Union Cr, 3054 Meade St,1991–2880 S. Locust St. #201 S, 1615 S. Ivanhoe St, 6245 S. Donner Cr, 3101 S. Lincoln St. – l, 3101 S. Lincoln St. – s, 7543 E. Windlawn Wy, 3060 S. Franklin St#201 S, 2365 E. Geddes Ave, 2880 S. Locust St, Cameyo Rd. Ind Hills, 10 Acres Cameyo Rd L&S, 1040 Pennsylvania St, 6585 W. Leawood Dr,1990–Alaya Apartments 13 units,4772 S. Pagosa Cr,6680 S. locust Wy,10635 W. Dartmouth ,1989–2457 W. Amherst Ave,6616 W. Leawood Dr,2757 E. Nichols Cr,4772 S. Pagosa Cr,10224 Westside Ct.

    Great Partners in My Real Estate Success!
    Coming into this process I was very intimidated, as most first home buyers would be, but instantly I felt reassurance that I had all the support (as well as control) that I needed. Without reaching out personally, I recieved a call from Chelsea at Homesmiths months ago, and immediately was sold on who I needed to partner with for this search. Chelsea & the team were great partners in this process and were very flexible with my schedules. My biggest fear was that I would fear pressure to settle, but they reassured me that I needed to make the right decision based on whether or not I could picture this place as my home, was it within the budget I had set from the beginning. The process was seamless. The CMG Financial team was amazing at clarifying and answering questions to ensure I understood what I was signing and where my money was going. Overall, I am grateful for this experience and owe everything to the HomeSmiths and CMG team in purchasing my new home.
    Tadar Puakpaibool


    Expectations Exceeded From Start to Finish!
    One word comes to mind with my agent Mike & The HomeSmiths Team, Hustle. The process has been pleasant.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        – Keith Gallegos 


    Found the RIGHT House
    The HomeSmiths and our agent Mike are awesome! They are personable, knowledgable and extremly helpful. After talking to us initially they were able to show us many houses we liked. Within a few weeks we found and purchased exactly what we were looking for. Thank you!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Joan Davis & Doug Pulver



    Jeff & His Team A +

    Jeff went above & beyond. He worked with me with an outside buyer I had been working with before I signed with the team, which he did not have to do. We put the house on the market for 2 days and received 5 offers, each outbidding the other. 10 out of 10!

    – Judy Rutzki

    Just Outstanding

    Made house hunting easy! One stop shop with outstanding partner companies. I will definitely use HomeSmiths and New American Funding for future Real Estate Needs.

    – Jeffery Justice

    I Like the Way They Conduct Business

    Brad & the team were very respectful, understanding and fair. Their actions and thoughts always had out best interest at heart. We appreciate the way they do business.

    – Phil Milano

    I Chose the Right Team

    I went to a first time home buyers class and I felt fortunate that I had a great team behind me. Many people in the class complained about their relators. I was always given an expert answer when I had a question. They were also very well versed and knew a lot about the VA Programs. I feel good about my purchase and my choice with this team.

    – Octavia Snow

    The Entire Team, A Pleasure to Work With

    The Team, Parker & their lender Sean were such a pleasure to work with. I appreciate all the effort they gave to make it all work.

    – DeAnna Beard 


    Exceeded Expectations

    Definitely exceeded my expectations. I will be recommending to everyone I know!

    – Brian Nava

    Above & Beyond

    Parker & the team went out of their way to accommodate my schedule – picking up my earnest money check and taking me to see condos after work. They also provided a ton of knowledge and information that was very helpful.

    – Hilary Maiorano


    10 Out of 10!

    I felt in good qualified hands throughout the entire process. Selling a home is stressful and they diligently assisted me from A to Z. I’m extremely grateful for Jeff Smith and his team. I highly recommend them I felt they went the extra mile, which makes all the difference.

    -Jennifer Boron

    The Team is Top Notch

    Everything about our buying experience was top notch! Parker & The HomeSmiths Team’s savvy approach, expansive knowledge and impeccable dress code exceeded our expectations at every turn. Very happy with our dealings and will yell HomeSmiths Team from the highest mountain tops!

    – Brian Rich


    No Pressure, Flexible & in Your Best Interest

    Extremely helpful – I am a first time home buyer with a lot to learn. Brad was able to show me many of the homes I was searching for and ultimately making a competitive offer on my house. He was very flexible and he always showed up with good insider info on the properties we looked at. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable. I definitely recommend The HomeSmiths Team!

    -Trevor Z.


    My First Home Buying Experience, A Pleasure

    I was impressed with the entire team. They made my first time home buying experience a pleasure.

    – Zach Gill


    New Home for Our Growing Family

    The HomeSmiths Team and Parker did such a great job helping us find a buyer for our old house and were very patient with us in helping us find our new dream home, that will allow us to grow our family.

    – Cassie Smith



    Easy Going

    I cannot think of anything that could be improved on, Brad & the team made the transaction easy. I appreciated Brads patients and his fast email responses.

    – Gail Snowden

    Caryn Thomas

    The Whole Team Worked Fast & Efficient

    From start to finish it was an easy, comfortable experience. Jeff and his team made it an easy, quick and efficient process.

    – Caryn Thomas


    Our 1st time home buying experience was a piece of cake

    I appreciated the time that Parker & The HomeSmiths Team lender, Sean took to make our home buying process a lot easier. They were incredibly encouraging and helpful.

    – Cheraye Welch


    Above & Beyond

    Parker and the team were very helpful throughout the whole process. Always sent listing that met all of our expectations. They definitely went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly.

    – Bianca Cornejo


    I Needed Fast & They Followed Through

    The HomeSmiths Team were very helpful in expediting the buying process.

    – Cody Nau


    Quick, Smooth, Painless

    Vera was awesome through the whole process. Great job HomeSmiths!

    – Christopher & Genoiva


    Out Of All the Realtors, HomeSmiths Were The Winners

    We were referred to Dave & The HomeSmiths Team after meeting with 3 other Realtors. We were on board from day 1 with him. He gave us the room we needed to feel comfortable. We felt throughout the whole process that he was working for us. All interactions were great!

    – Zach Lopez & Breianna Gaines


    Worked With Our Needs To Find Our Perfect Fit

    The HomeSmiths Team & our agent Brad Dunevitz didn’t try to sell us something we didn’t want, even though we looked at a ton of houses. They were very patient and understanding to our needs. I would defiantly highly recommend them!

    – Andy & Stacy Smith


    They Go That Extra Mile

    Parker & The HomeSmiths always go above & beyond for us. We look forward to continuing our relationship through 2016 & beyond.

    -Don & Lora Winchell


    Painless Selling Process

    We had a great & painless process selling our house. It was great how everything was scheduled around our schedule.

    – Michael & Emily Skowronski


    They Were There For US

    We most enjoyed working with brad and the team because of their friendliness and willingness to continually look for the right home. The team’s knowledge and effort to get us documents in a timely manner was really helpful. When we were ready to give up, they were there for us.

    -Denis & Kristine Aubut


    HomeSmiths Team Are The Experts!

    The HomeSmiths paid attention to everything, they were very courteous and their level expertise was high.

    – Hugo & Yolanda Ochoa


    Quick Sale, Hard Working Team

    Jeff (Smitty) & his team worked hard to get our house sold quickly & within our timeframe. We would do business with the HomeSmiths Team Again.

    – Eric & Nicole Pettit


    Repeat Customer

    The HomeSmiths Team & Parker got my repeat business because they are always knowledgeable . Their staff is knowledgeable and provides great service.

    – Brian Daily


    Easy Breezy

    The Team worked aggressively, we had the fastest possible closing! We were recommended by a friend and couldn’t have been happier.

    -Kiel & Stephanie Henderson

    Helped Me Buy & Sell, FAST!

    Vera & The HomeSmiths Team are amazing, hardworking & responsible. They helped me sell my house and then find another. Outstanding service and communication. Thank you for all your help , HomeSmiths.

    -Inessa Mikhailov


    Smooth Ride

    We experienced no hassle or problems. Superb communication, good attitude, & knowledgeable.

    -Norm & Arlis Ruter


    We Got $50,000 MORE For Our House Than We anticipated!

    The HomeSmiths Team and our agent Brad are honest, direct & have great customer focus. They were personable and gave us ease of mind. We ended up getting 50k more than we anticipated.

    – Kyle & Jill Duffy


    I’ll Tell My Friends & Family To Go With The HomeSmiths Team

    All of my questions were answered quickly. Everything they did to help me find a house was good and I would definitely recommend them to my friends or family.

    -Troy Potts


    It Was All About The Team Work

    Jeff and his team have done a stellar job, from start to finish. They have done an extremely great job with communication and working side by side with us through the whole process. We are grateful to have them as part as our team.

    -Randy & Katrina Hoffschneider


    Their Proactive Attitudes Got The Job Done

    I liked being able to contact Parker and The HomeSmiths Team, they got things done in a timely manner. They were very proactive and extremely kind.

    -Kyle & Carrissa Lyons


    With Good Service & A Great Team, I Found My Perfect Home

    After a long period of time, Vera and the team were able to find us the exact home we were searching for. During our searching they were always available to assist. This was my first purchase and their assistance always exceeded my expectations. I will be using The HomeSmiths Team in the future for any of my housing opportunities. THANK YOU so much!

    – Sabrina Roberts & Bryan Foster


    The Reputation Proceeds Them

    Transaction was fast, I like the ease in working with the team and coordinator. I appreciated my agents ability to negotiate, it definitely worked in our favor. The e-contract system was a breeze.

    -Eli & Christine Hollist


    My Agent & The Team Went The Extra Mile

    Brad and The HomeSmiths team did a great job of responding to us immediately. They tied us into the MLS search, providing us with many properties that fit our specific needs. They went the extra mile with all the details, even when we couldn’t be present.

    – Andrew & Sherry Nolte


    They Put Our Needs First

    The HomeSmiths Team were very responsive, worked with our schedules & explained everything. I always felt they were on our side & put out interests & needs in the forefront.

    -Farrah & Stephen Horne


    Beautiful House, Beautiful Experience

    Jeff was amazing! HomeSmiths have been incredibly helpful and efficient. Great Experience!

    – Ryan & Cortney Williams


    Referred By A Family Member & Couldn’t Be Happier

    Things moved very quick and easy with this team! They answered all my questions and made the process much easier than anticipated.

    – Lin Jacobsen


    They Were Our Eyes & Ears For Anything That Hit The Market

    The HomeSmiths Team were our eyes and ears in Denver while we looked for a home. Our agent Vera was great & always there, she was easy to work with and answered all of our emails and questions.

    -Janice & Doug Cook


    Never Thought a Real Estate Deal Could Be So Easy

    The HomeSmiths Team and Brad made this a good experiance from start to close. They were responsive to our schedule and the communication was excellent.

    -Michael & Vicki Oubre


    Amazing Real Estate Team

    The team and our agent Parker were professional and very responsive, any question we had was answered in a timely fashion. Loved the no hassle & good follow up.

    -Don & Lora Winchell


    All Of Our Transactions Moved FAST!

    We’ve purchased 2 and sold 2 homes with The HomeSmiths Team. Always great support and answers all questions accurately and quickly.

    – Rick McClure


    Awesome Team

    Dave & The HomeSmiths Team were awesome! They were professional and have great communication. Everything was easy.

    – Scott & Amy Ruter


    They Take The Cake

    The entire team is very friendly and always available.

    -Shivender Ahuja

    unnamed (4)

    Another Happy Seller

    On a scale from 1-10, I rate The HomeSmiths Team a 10. I will be using their real estate services again.

    – Percy Bell


    Smooth Sailing

    When buying my home, Parker & The HomeSmiths Team in house lender came out on top!

    – Theresa Alarid


    Lifetime Client

    The HomeSmiths Team & Brad Dunevitz helped me buy my home. I had such a good experience with them I will entrust them to sell it when the time comes.

    – Rualdy Ramierz Sanchez


    Made a First Time Home Buyer At Ease With All Their Experience

    The HomeSmiths Team & my agent Vera were extremely customer focused. They helped get us answers to important questions and issues that were resolved quickly. Feedback was always provided in a timely manner, which is very important as buyers. We were very happy with Vera and the team’s professionalism. We totally recommend them to any buyer who would like an inside view on the overall transaction. They went above and beyond to assist us through this buying process. They cared about us.

    – Todd Norris & Michelle Mitchell


    Expert Service As Promised

    Communication was great with Jeff & The Home Smiths Team. Delivered as promised & very professional.

    -Inessa Yusupov


    Expectations Exceeded

    Parker & The HomeSmiths Team met our expectation in finding our dream home.

    – Kriss & Xavier Monson


    Great Team with Great Lenders

    The process was very smooth even this aggressive market. After having a problem with my lender, Vera & The HomeSmiths Team referred me to another lender who stepped up and approved my loan.

    – Harold Hansford


    Communication = Success

    Parker & The Team kept us informed throughout the entire process. Communication was the key!

    -Danny & Terri Flores


    Fast, Professional, Amazing!

    Both Tania & I would like to thank you guys for your hard work and effort in completing this sale. We don’t know how you folks managed to do it so fast, but this has been simply amazing! Thanks again for the great communication and professionalism! We appreciate all you have done.

    -Mike and Tania


    The HomeSmiths Team was published in Real Trends, July 2015 for:

    Best Real Estate Teams in Colorado!!!


    Recommended To Anyone Who Wants a Stress Free Transaction

    The HomeSmiths Team & Catherine were able to keep my stress and involvement to a minimum. They knew exactly when to involve me and when they could handle it. It was an absolute pleasure to work with the team & I would definitely recommend them to any of my friends or family. I can’t wait to move into my new home! Thank you!

    – Liza Gallegos


    Positive Experience

    We both really enjoyed working with Parker and The HomeSmiths Team. Parker was awesome in showing us properties very quickly and helping us analyze our options. They were very responsive and knowledgeable. Overall, the team made our experience as first-time home buyer positive.

    – Daniel and Kristina Eidson


    Gave Me Explanation Throughout the Whole Home Buying Process

    I liked that I could set up my own searches via The HomeSmiths Team website and do a lot of looking on my own. The website was always up to date and accurate. It was nice Brad & The HomeSmiths Team stayed in contact regularly. I felt comfortable asking as many questions as I needed in order to understand.

    Michael & Alicia Slenk


    The HomeSmiths Team, With us till the end

    We submitted many offers before finally getting a contract accepted. Vera & The HomeSmiths Team were with us all the way, helping to guide us and provide us with the confidence we needed to work through the process. From the beginning to the end, they were our partner in our endeavor and we relied on their expertise all the way.

    – Judy & William Heffner


    First Time Buyers Find a Wonderful Home!

    Our overall experience with Phil, Lisa, and The HomeSmiths Team was very pleasant. We looked at over 50 homes and both Phil and Lisa were very patient and walked us through the whole process. We were given good guidance on what we should do for each decision that came up and at the end of the day we have a new home that we are very excited to own.I would highly recommend The HomeSmith’s Team to anyone looking to buy a home, especially if this is your first time purchasing.

    Alan J.
    Denver Home Buyers


    First Time Buyers Find a Wonderful Home!

    Catherine Martinez provided my husband and me with exemplary service. From the beginning, she was extremely approachable, knowledgeable, and professional. The first property we saw was a HUD home, which Catherine was able to guide us through, based on her experience with the program. She saved us the headache of walking into some big pitfalls that we probably wouldn’t’t have noticed on our own. As first-time buyers, she made us feel incredibly comfortable asking all of our questions. The greatest gift she imparted to us has truly been the gift of her time. Shopping for a home with a small baby can be stressful, and she was always very relaxed and flexible working around our little one’s schedule. All in all, working with her was a perfect fit and we will recommend her to anyone I know who’s buying or selling a home. Thank you so much for your TLC, Catherine- we appreciate you!

    Kevin & Ashley V.
    Aurora Home Buyers


    The HomeSmiths are so friendly, personable, and professional!

    At the middle and end of our home buying process, we were put through the ringer of our new home build. Many stressful moments made us unsure of proceeding with building the home. Brad came to the rescue many times and dealt with the KB Salesperson, KB Corporate, and our lender several times. He was always on our side, fighting for us! He also checked in with us at least once a week. We appreciate all of his help, Thanks Brad!!

    Tony & Katie.
    Denver Home Buyers


    Thankfully We Found The HomeSmiths Team!

    Hiring a realtor is like hiring a lawyer- they are there to look after their clients’ best interests- or at least they should be. Unfortunately, like lawyers, realtors can be a little too… stress inducing. Throughout our entire house selling and buying process, we encountered way too many difficult and flat out deceitful agents. Those experiences almost led us to just cancel our plans completely. Thankfully we found The HomeSmith’s Team! Working with Mary and Chris from The HomeSmiths Team was a great weight lifted off our shoulders. They were more than just our realtors, but became our friends. Mary met us in person within days of our phone call. We took her advice on the staging, as well as worked up a description for the house that had some personality (unlike many other generic ads) and within days of being on the market, we had a FULL CASH OFFER! She took care of everything from there, but kept us in the loop on anything we needed to know about. Buying our next home went just as smooth. Chris is very personable, and we knew any other realtor dealing with him was going to love him. My fiancée even wanted to set him up with her friends! That’s how cool and down to earth he is.Chris and Mary offered their expertise, and kept in constant contact- we never had to wonder what was happening at any point in time. Even during downtimes of waiting, they would drop a voicemail or text now and then to just keep in touch. The entire process was a learning experience, but having The HomeSmiths Team working for us really made the entire experience smooth and easy. Of course, you’ll always freak out about other buyers outbidding you, but you’ll never have to worry about the “what if’s” or “am I protected?” or “is it too late to call?” with The HomeSmiths!

    Scott & Kelly R.
    Denver Home Sellers & Buyers


    Bought The Perfect Home!

    Brad Dunevitz was a pleasure to work with. He was very patient and dedicated. Brad was at our beck and call, and made us feel like we mattered and he really wanted to help us find our new home. We were not the best clients; I am sure, as we were very picky and must have looked at 30-40 homes in a two and a half month period. Brad did not give up on us and was determined to help us find our perfect home. Big t hanks to Brad and The HomeSmiths!!

    Lisa & Darren F.
    Arvada Home Buyers


    Happy Seller & Buyer

    Mary Cook and The HomeSmiths Team were very professional and a well-coordinated team. I felt that Mary and her team would do a good job to help me position, market, get my home sold, and find a new home. Unfortunately my home wasn’t in the position to take advantage of how quickly the market is moving. However, Mary was very helpful in coming up with key contractors to help me resolve problems along the way.

    Holly N..
    Westminster Home Buyer


    Timely Closing!

    Chris was very knowledgeable about the properties he showed us, and we never felt pressured during any portions of the home buying process. We chose Chris Perkins and The HomeSmiths Team because we felt comfortable with them, and we felt Chris’s enthusiasm would be crucial for finding a home in this competitive market. The deadline management by your office really helped keep the process on track for a timely close.

    Kyle & Steffanie F.
    Denver Home Buyer


    Already Recommending The HomeSmiths Team to friends!

    Brad Dunevitz is a seasoned professional who really stood out and helped us find the property we were looking for. Throughout the process, he guided us and gave us excellent advice. I have already referred Brad to a friend and I will definitely do future business with Brad and The HomeSmiths Team. They had outstanding customer service. Thanks so much for your expertise and assistance!

    Darlene & Dennis S.
    Lakewood Home Buyers


    Great Communication!

    Brad Dunevitz and The HomeSmiths team were there every step of the way to make the home buying process as painless as possible. They were always willing to answer any questions and find the answers quickly! The HomeSmiths were friendly, had great communication, and flexibility with schedules

    David & Erica B.
    Aurora Home Buyers


    Awesome Agent!

    Dave Golden, our agent, was great to work with! He was always available for my crazy questions. He reached out to me when I first started looking at homes. He followed through this year and helped me find an amazing house.

    Kelli V.
    Westminster Home Buyer


    Another Lakewood home sold!

    Our Agent Brad Dunevitz and The HomeSmiths Team made a stressful and uncertain situation very easy. Brad had great availability and flexibility. He has great real estate knowledge, accurate information, and knew how to process timely offers. The HomeSmiths had great contract knowledge and an easy signature process.

    Josh G. & Amy L.
    Littleton Home Buyers


    Another Sold Home!

    The HomeSmiths Team was so helpful and friendly. We had a few issues come up after listing and they stayed positive which kept us positive. Other agents did not want to list our property because it’s a townhouse; they said it was not ‘up scale’ enough for them. It took a little time to sell because of the issues, which were on our end of things, but Phil Phistry and The HomeSmiths were able to get the job done!!

    Robin & Josh C.
    Arapahoe Home Sellers


    Great communication helped buy my house quick!

    Lisa Hamburg and The HomeSmiths Team seemed to make themselves available when I wanted to view properties, when I had questions, or just when I needed information on anything involving my home purchase! My agent was very helpful, knowledgeable, and personable! She made the experience enjoyable and answered all my questions quickly. The buying process seemed hassle free and accommodating to my time schedule.

    David M
    Castle Rock Home Buyer


    Great communication helped me buy my house quick!

    My agent Dave Golden was great about checking in with me until I was ready to buy, and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. The HomeSmiths Team provided great communication that made the home buying process easier. I enjoyed looking at homes with Dave and finding my dream house!

    Ryan H.
    Aurora Home Buyer


    Another Lakewood home sold!

    We heard about The HomeSmiths Team from Tom Martino & they sold our house! Their electronic document systems was awesome. We could sign and view all the documentation to sell our house from the home computer. They had a lot of expertise and professionalism.

    Laura & Dan B.
    Lakewood Home Sellers


    Sold in 1 day for $1K more than asking!

    The entire team was professional and curious. They were always in contact with me about showings, offers, etc. The team was always on time and their communication was great. They sold my house in one day for more than my original asking price!

    Troy R.
    Denver Home Seller


    First-Time Home Buyers

    We were first time home buyers, and that alone can be scary, but The HomeSmiths Team made it possible. With the help and knowledgeable agents, their friendly and accommodating services allowed for our home buying experience to be stress free. We worked with Brad for a little over two months before we purchased our dream home. The first month of house showings were made possible by his flexibility and time management. The detailed contracts and well described protocol made our finances and ease of mind more manageable. We would recommend The HomeSmiths Team, hands down, and we look forward to future business in the next couple of years!

    Joe & Ashley A.
    Parker Home Buyers


    HomeSmiths are so personal

    Our previous attempts with another agent were tainted with an ‘air’ of looking down on my needs, requests, and questions. The previous agent seemed to discriminate (in attitude) toward our domestic partnership. Our agent Dave, as well as the office manager Darcy, were very personable and easy to talk to. They both provided comfort, security, and answered our questions without making us feel silly. Dave was very available and easy going. The HomeSmiths Team has a wonderful personal touch. We got a great price, less hassle, and ease with asking questions.

    Paula & Janell H.
    Centennial Home Buyers


    Awesome Agent!

    We had a great experience purchasing our first home with The HomeSmiths Team. After a long search, we found the perfect home for our growing family. We worked with Chris Perkins, who was always willing to set up showings the same day. He was knowledgeable about the market and the buying process; he was also able to answer all our questions quickly. He made the transition very smooth by researching a lender and ensuring all deadlines were met. We would definitely recommend our agent to anyone and will work with the team again.

    Julia & Tyler W.
    Englewood Home Buyers


    We enjoyed the flexibility of working with Catherine Martinez and The HomeSmiths Team. We chose them because of their knowledge of agency and agent reputation.

    Phillip & Rose S.
    Thornton Home Buyers & Sellers


    Sold in 3 days for almost $5K more than asking

    The selling agent was great! She made the process quick. We were impressed and got more than our original asking price. The HomeSmiths Team had good service and selling our home was awesome.

    Walter & Tiffany L.
    Denver Home Sellers


    Bought home in 1 DAY!!

    We chose to do business with The HomeSmiths Team because of Keller Williams’ reputation. Our agent, Dave Golden, was outstanding. He answered all questions timely and professionally. He did all and more.

    Fred & Carla K.
    Littleton Home Buyers


    Investment Property

    I found The HomeSmiths Team online. It was very unexpected, but after I called for a property inquiry, my agent Chris Perkins contacted me to determine my specific needs with regard to an investment property. After meeting in the office, Chris was diligent yet respectful of my time and interests. Chris’s amazing attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond expectations was what I enjoyed most about my experience, as well as his persistence and laid back attitude.

    Brian M.
    Aurora Home Buyer


    The HomeSmiths Team= Less Hassle

    I am extremely likely to recommend my agent Sara Hochalter and The HomeSmiths team to people I know. They had excellent communication and follow up. They were very professional and made my purchase easier with less hassle.

    Rosemary M.
    Englewood Home Buyer


    Bought for 8k less than list price!!

    We were referred to The HomeSmiths Team by another agent. We got all our questions answered in a timely manner. Our agent Brad was a nice guy to work with. He helped us get into our dream home for $8,000 less than the listed price. Way to go HomeSmiths Team!

    Maddie & Steve M.
    Highlands Ranch Home Buyers


    Awesome team to work with!

    My agent Dave handled any issues that came up very quickly. He knows what he is doing and is willing to get the answers I needed. I randomly found The HomeSmiths Team, but it was a very good find. The team was very easy to work with and flexiable.

    Aubree P.
    Denver Home Buyer


    My home was on the market fast!

    I chose to do business with The HomeSmiths Team because of the non-pressured first meeting. I enjoyed how quickly my home was listed on the market. Mary was good and their home selling process seemed to go pretty quickly.

    Ryan W.
    Aurora Home Seller


    Out of State Home Buyers

    Our agent Sara was incredibly flexiable and fought really hard for us in the house we wanted. When we were searching online for homes, Sara called back right away and had all the information I needed. She was great in working with us being out of state. Her experience and professionalism were excellent.

    Andrew & Michelle B.
    Aurora Home Buyers


    Found my dream space!!

    My agent Sara helped me get into a dream space with little hassle and very quickly! She was so easy to work with. She helped set up everything and anticipated my needs and wants. She was extremely organized and professional throughout the entire process. I am extremely likely to recommend The HomeSmiths Team to my friends and family.

    Monica H.
    Denver Buyer


    Quick Home Sale!

    Our agent Catherine was awesome! We received great communication and bought our home quickly. The fast sale helped make the process so much easier. The professionalism and service from The HomeSmiths Team was excellent. Catherine and her team were fantastic! The communication was top notch and our agent represented us very well.

    When the time came to sell our old home, Catherine was there for us again. The home sale was fantastic; Sold in 4 days! Our agent fought hard to get us the best price and terms. The sale was super fast and smooth. Catherine Martinez is the best!

    Kevin & Lea G.
    Wheat Ridge Home Buyers


    Awesome Feedback

    The HomeSmiths Team has a really quick feedback loop. We chose to do business with them because of their past success statistics. They answered our questions in a timely manner, and made the process of selling our house with less hassle.

    Matt & Janelle R.
    Denver Home Seller


    Another Home Sold!

    My agent was so kind, knowledgeable and professional. I really enjoyed the patience I received with the 3rd party communication in the home sale process. Dave answered all of my questions and I would recommend him to friends and family.

    Elizabeth T.
    Westminster Home Buyer


    We did not have to worry…

    Our agent Dave Golden made the entire experience of buying land easy. He was very friendly and easy to understand. We are extremely likely to recommend him and The HomeSmiths Team. We chose them because of their great business rapport. We did not have to worry about anything. Dave had our best interest in mind. They were excellent!

    Rick & Chong G.
    Larkspur Land Buyers


    Our House Sold So Fast!

    Our agent Mary Cook made our home selling experience hassle free! Our home went under contract after a week and a half, and The HomeSmiths Team was there for any questions we had along the way. I would definitely recommend Mary for any real estate needs. She is our go-to for life! They did a lot of great advertising which helped sell our home. I will be recommending them to friends, colleagues, and family!

    Stephanie & Wayne E.
    Lochbuie Home Sellers


    My Agent Answered All My Questions Quickly!

    My favorite thing about working with The Home Smiths Team was their constant contact and friendly approach. I’m extremely likely to recommend The Team. There is nothing they could have done better, they were excellent! My agent, Catherine Martinez, was exceptional in her expertise and professionalism.

    Cody T.
    Parker Home Buyer


    Exceeded my expectations

    I am extremely likely to recommend my Agent Brad Dunevitz & The Home Smiths Team due to: their patience, honesty, follow through, high level of experience, and integrity.

    Zebib M.
    Aurora Home Buyer


    The Home Smiths Team was very understanding!

    All aspects of my home sale went so well. The Marketing and Office staff as well as the Transaction Coordinator was excellent. My agent Phil was very professional. The company was very understanding, and I am extremely likely to recommend their services to people I know.

    Mike N.
    Aurora Home Seller


    I could not have survived without my agent

    I have never sold a house by myself. It was intimidating and there was a lot involved! My agent guided me, and worked aggressively to sell the home. We had one open house, and I had to do nothing to facilitate it. My agent helped clean and brought food. When we moved, she offered assistance with resources for everything! She put my mind at ease, and I learned so very much from her! I couldn’t have survived without my agent: Catherine Martinez.

    Michelle M.
    Thornton Home Seller


    Under Contract in 2 Days!

    I have done business with Jeff before, and this experience was no different. I have not a single bad thing to say and really liked the team concept as well as the get-it-done attitude from all of it’s’ members. My agent, Phil Phistry, was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and concerns in a timely manner. I was extremely pleased.

    Jacob G.
    Denver Home Seller


    First Time Buyer!

    I felt so comfortable being a first time home buyer with The Home Smiths Team. They took the time to walk me through everything and made sure I understood it. I am extremely likely to recommend family and friends to them.

    Monica G.
    Lakewood Home Buyer


    Satisfied Customer

    The Home Smiths Team was worked very quickly and was very professional. With them I got great exposure. Everything that needed to be done was completed. My agent was good and I’m very likely to recommend The Home Smiths Team to friends and family.

    Jay G.
    Littleton Home Seller


    Taking it to the bank!

    Jeff and team were great to work with. They got me almost $30,000 more than another Realtor said I could get. My home sold fast. The whole process was great due to the communication I received. I really felt comfortable with being able to cancel the contract with HomeSmiths at any time with no penalty and the offer to buy my house if it did not sell in a set time period. Thank You to Jeff and the whole team!

    Pat & Melissa G.
    Aurora Home Sellers
    Tom Martino Fan


    Sold in 20 Hours!

    My review of Jeff Smith and The HomeSmiths Team is very simple… It took me longer to stage my home than it did for them to sell it. My home was on the market for less than 24 hours before I had a full price cash offer. They set up a personal website to show the property, had a great marketing campaign… It was absolutely amazing. I got more showings in the one day that my home was listed than I did the two previous times I tried to sell COMBINED. Thank you guys!

    John & Jennifer C.
    Arvada Home Buyers


    Long distance success

    I was an out of state seller and selling a rental in need of major repair. Mary Cook hired the right people and the house was repaired, sold and escrow closed in less than 60 days. I am very pleased.

    Tod W.
    Conifer Home Seller


    $6,100 more than asking price in 2 days!

    We chose to employ Phil Phistry and The HomeSmiths Team because of their Guaranteed Sold Program. Everything went very smooth and Sold for $6,100 more than asking price in 2 days!

    Mark V.
    Denver Home Seller


    Quick Closing and Easy Negotiations

    Catherine Martinez was great to work with. She found us a home quickly and negotiated a great price saving us nearly $15,000. We would use her again and recommend her to everyone.

    Heathyr and Debbie G.
    Littleton Home Buyers


    Sold for FULL Price

    Mary Cook and The HomeSmiths Team recently sold my Windsor Gardens Condo. I enjoyed how professional Mary was. The whole staff was on top of everything and always available for any questions. They were very positive, professional and organized.

    Wanda E.
    Denver Home Seller


    Everything was perfect

    Highly recommend Phil with The HomeSmiths Team with his enthusiastic “CAN DO” attitude. I felt that it would have been forever, if not at all, that I would sell my home. This team surprised me and took it to the finish line. Thanks guys, you really helped me out!

    Adrian M.
    Littleton Home Seller


    Fabulous Agent!!

    Was willing to go the extra mile! We can’t think of any ways you could improve. She responded fast with all the right answers.

    Damon & Amber H.
    Castle Rock Home Buyers


    Final Score

    Previous broker= 5 months, $0, NO SALE. The HomeSmiths Team =43 days, $529,000, and a SOLD HOME! The previous broker could not get the job done in over 5 months. The HomeSmiths Team got our price in 43 days flat. Mary Cook went well above and beyond her duties. She was knowledgeable, patient, and easy going. Everything was well organized. Mary was very knowledgeable in the field and met our expectations. The staff was also excellent.

    Carl & Melanie P.
    Parker Home Seller
    Tom Martino Listeners


    Shock and Awe!

    You guys are pretty amazing and I love the way you work…Your team is incredible with requests/education and follow up systems that make a transaction a wonderful buying experience!

    Darcy H.
    Denver Home Buyer

    I must admit I have searched for a realtor team that works like you do.

    Catherine Eusea, Area Sales Manager First Cal


    Negotiated 10,000 Savings!

    “Brianna answered all of our inquiries with honesty, knowledge and enthusiasm. We would recommend working with The HomeSmiths Team to our family and friends.”

    James H.
    Aurora Home Buyer


    98.9% of Asking Price- Only on the market 3 days!

    Kudos to Jeff and The HomeSmiths Team. The process of selling our home was smoother than we could have ever imagined, and the marketing materials were just fabulous! Potential buyers were already lined up for showings by the time we went to market, and we received not one but two offers within 3 days after the listing was activated! Loved the support we got from the team!

    Roslyn & Markx
    Highlands Ranch Home Sellers


    Thanks to Jeff Smith & The HomeSmiths Team, our house sold!

    After having our home on the market with another realtor for over a year, we were very discouraged. We changed realtors and with The HomeSmiths Team on our side, we were able to sell our home in a fraction of the time. The team kept buyers coming to our house on a regular basis until it sold. They provided us with excellent professional service every step of the way.

    Joel & Catherine
    Littleton Home Sellers


    Sold for 99% of Asking Price in Just 3 days on the market!

    When my husband and I picked Jeff Smith to help us buy a home 18 years ago he delivered with integrity, honesty, care, and patience. After all those years, we needed his help once again, and it was great to find Jeff and The HomeSmiths Team still has all those qualities and more. They have endured the test of time.

    Mike & Nancy
    Westminster Home Buyers/Sellers


    Jeff got me $24,500 More!

    I contacted Jeff Smith because of his Immediate Buy-Out Program. I wanted to sell fast and did not want the hassles of putting the home on the market or being inconvenienced by showings. Jeff encouraged me to give him a couple of days to find a buyer who would appreciate my home and pay a higher price than the investors I was entertaining. Jeff felt sure he could bring a higher offer and sell my house quickly. I was willing to take $199,000 and be done but Jeff brought the perfect buyer and they paid me $223,500 without having to go to market. I closed within three weeks and am ecstatic.

    Highlands Ranch Home Seller


    My House Sold in 3 Days!

    Jeff Smith and The HomeSmiths Team were wonderful throughout this whole experience. My problem was, I really did not want to leave my house and fought it every step of the way. I appreciate their patience with me in dealing with this process. If I ever find myself in the Denver area again looking for a place, I would not hesitate to look up The HomeSmiths Team.

    Englewood Home Seller


    Thank You HomeSmiths Team…

    Their hard work and effort SOLD my home. The diligence and determination by the entire team was what sold my home, but most of all the headaches that come along with a short sale were eased. I did not have to worry about anything. They took care of all the details and made it an enjoyable experience. I appreciate all their work and time.

    Aurora Home Seller


    Partner with a Proven Real Estate Team!

    My best advice for anyone starting the home selling process is to partner with a proven real estate team. We hired Jeff and The HomeSmiths Team, and our home sold in 1/3 the time of an average home in our price range. Jeff and the team priced our home correctly and brought 3 times the buyers than the comparably priced homes in our neighborhood. Jeff helped with negotiations and some last minute curve balls to keep the buyer on track and sell our home. We recommend The HomeSmiths Team to anyone buying or selling a home!

    Mike & Maria
    Castle Rock Home Sellers


    My House Sold in 2 Weeks!

    My house sold fast! When I hired The HomeSmiths, the whole team swarmed in and took care of everything. This is a group of true pros! I enjoyed the team concept, the great brochures, and everyone was very helpful and competent. Hire this team, you won’t regret it! They will sell your house!

    Don W.
    Highlands Ranch Home Seller


    The HomeSmiths Team is Our New Benchmark for Top Quality Real Estate Agents!

    I am so pleased with the aggressiveness of Jeff Smith & The HomeSmiths Team took to get our house sold. They are our benchmark now for top quality real estate agents. I am so pleased and appreciative for all the work and effort the team did to sell our house. I will continue to talk to friends, neighbors, and relatives about the high level of service I received. Thanks!

    Jason & Debra D.
    Highlands Ranch Home Sellers


    They Kept our Family Together…

    When our job transfer came through, it was important for us to choose a local area expert that had a good track record of results. We needed to sell quickly so that we could stay together as a family, and the kids could start the new school year on time. We confidently recommend that you call Jeff Smith & The HomeSmiths Team if you are thinking of buying or selling. They truly kept our family together and negotiated a great price on our home!

    Cliff & Uncha V.
    Highlands Ranch Home Sellers


    About Jeff Smith…

    Car salesmen, realtors, and the dentist. Like most people, we would just as soon avoid them. But after having Jeff Smith sell our home; we’d buy a car from him and maybe even let him fix our teeth. We interviewed several real estate professionals before we met Jeff. We were immediately impressed with his approach to marketing our home. Jeff’s presentation to us on his ‘team approach’ and his ideas and methods for selling homes fast was fresh and distinctive. It was certainly not the same old approach to home sales everyone else was pitching. But, the proof is in the pudding as the saying goes. We listed our home with Jeff on December 20th, and had a signed contract for our asking price on December 23rd. What a Christmas present! We have since moved out-of-state and are looking to buy a home. We only wish we had the services of Jeff Smith to help us!

    Jeff & Anna
    Lakewood Home Sellers


    I have the perfect home!

    The HomeSmiths Team were prepared, knowledgeable, and courteous. Jeff is easy to get along with, and did his very best for me. His recommendations for home buying, lenders, insurance agents, inspectors, etc, were so helpful time and time again. His assistant was super to work with and was on top of everything. She kept me posted and eased my nervousness during the weeks waiting for closing. I now have the perfect home thanks to The HomeSmiths Team, and if I do buy again, I’ll call Jeff!

    Robbie M.
    Littleton Home Buyer



    The computer updates that The HomeSmiths Team sent us helped a lot. We got an excellent price on our purchase. Our advice to new homebuyers just starting the process is to use LindaKaye Smith.

    Tom & Nancy J.
    Denver Home Buyers


    The Team was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole process!

    The HomeSmiths Team was very professional to work with. We definitely enjoyed working with our agent over the past couple of year, and we will miss her. We wish we’d had the ‘Buy it & Try it Guarantee’ when we bought our last house.

    Bill & Amy B.
    Denver Home Buyers & Sellers


    Thank you HomeSmiths for all your help!

    As first time buyers, the personal attention we received was the most beneficial service. We also found the emails, listing updates, and flexible schedule to be very helpful during the selling a home process. Thanks for all your help!

    Matt & Amenda W.
    Denver Home Sellerss

    We liked the Teamwork Service!

    The HomeSmiths Team was very helpful and friendly. The email service was great and a quick way to preview homes.

    Thank you so much!

    I bought my home with no money down. Thank you so much. You have helped our dream become a reality. My wife and kids and myself are grateful!

    Robert Benavente

    Fast & Easy!

    The HomeSmiths Team made finding a new place fast & easy. The e-mail of listings was especially helpful in finding a home.

    Jeff Anderson

    LindaKaye is fabulous!

    LindaKaye is fabulous! We were very pleased with the whole process. What we liked about the HomeSmiths Team was their honesty, integrity and no hassles!

    Margaret Meyers

    Good Service!

    I got good responsive service with the HomeSmiths Team. They are all really good at what they do. It took just one week to find my new home.

    Jack Shirley

    Another repeat customer says…

    We sold our home for 98.68% of the asking price in 4 days. We got a fair price and would recommend the HomeSmiths Team to others.

    Rob & Myra Keeble

    “This has been a wonderful adventure!”

    The HomeSmiths Team’s buying process was fun and comprehensive. I loved the downloads of computer listings. They were so helpful in finding a lender and making everything so convenient. I’ve gained a great home but even more importantly, a terrific friend. Thanks so much for everything.

    Cheryl Haun

    “This letter is to say a warm and sincere THANK YOU”

    for all the help you provided to me on my recent home purchase. I was a first time homebuyer, unfamiliar with the process. I was very satisfied and impressed with the professional, personal and friendly service that your office gave to me throughout the process. Not only did you make the process as easy as possible, you were able to get me into my new home with literally no money down. I had initially put up earnest money when we placed the offer on the home. However, I was not required to bring any money to the closing; additionally, at closing I was surprisingly refunded my earnest money. Again, thank you for all your support. Your guidance, advice and assistance were greatly appreciated.

    Toni Nelson

    “This is the 2nd house Jeff has sold for us!”

    We chose Jeff because he had helped us buy and sell previous homes and we were very happy with the service we received. This time we got an offer in just 4 days.

    Craig & Julie Maraschky

    The Homesmiths Team was good for first timers!

    The Homesmiths Team was available for questions, conversation and just to listen to my concerns. Their close communication made selling my home easier.

    Joan Haight

    “Good Job, HomeSmiths Team!”

    The team was very helpful in answering our questions and finding our home. They updated us with daily emails of the newest homes on the market. Everything went very smoothly. We would recommend the HomeSmiths Team to other home buyers.

    Zach & Angela Rivera

    “We found our home in 1 day!”

    The Homesmiths Team sent us property listings on-line and provided us with a solid knowledge of old Denver. We found a house quickly and got a fair price.

    Jeff & Mia Trujillo

    “Property sold for full price in 1 day!”

    LindaKaye and the Homesmiths Team gave me good tips on things to do to make my home show the best so I could get top dollar in a short period of time.

    Richard Vanderhoef

    “The Homesmiths Team sold it in short order!”

    The Homesmiths Team helped make the process easier with their in depth explanation of their steps and guidance. We received a fair price and will recommend that others do business with the Homesmiths Team.

    Bobby & Laurie Price

    “Sold in 24 hours!”

    Jeff sold my home in just 24 hours! He also sold a second house for me in just 2 weeks after it had been on the market for 6 months with another agent.

    Janet Cunningham

    Your daily updates helped us find our home within 2 weeks & we saved $2,000 to boot!

    The daily emails we received describing all the newest properties were great. We were able to find our new home within 2 weeks and we feel that we got a good deal. We chose the Homesmiths Team because of their low pressure approach. They helped us find what we really wanted. Thanks for helping us buy our first home & for making it such as easy & enjoyable process.

    Melanie Parson & Greg Short

    Good Rapport!

    The HomeSmiths Team made finding and closing on our new home fun and quick. The team listened to us and we felt we had a good rapport.

    Janice Szekeresh & Dale Bradley

    We Loved the System

    We loved the system of being emailed properties! We found our home in one month. Jeff and his team were very accessible and we have already recommended them to our friends.

    Eric & Janelle Althen

    We Saved $5,000

    We are very happy to be new Evergreen homeowners. Thanks for helping us with our new house. We recently signed up for the HomeSmiths Buyer profile system and Jeff & Tina immediately began to notify us of the newest homes coming to market that met our needs. We were surprised at how quickly we were able to find a home that suited our needs. Because the house was new to market and there was going to be competition we were ready to give the seller their asking price. Thanks to Jeff and the step by step negotiating process that Jeff taught us, we saved $5,000. Thank you!

    Pat Thomas & Linda Sayer

    ” We saved $$ because we didn’t have to compete with every other buyer in town.”

    From: Shawn & Vicki To: Subject: An efficiet and pleasant transaction Date sent: Sep, 08, 1999 Recently we purchased our home on So. Dale Court. The HomeSmiths Team made our transaction an efficient and pleasant one. With their Home Hunting Program we were not only notified of the best homes to come available daily, we actually found a home that hadn’t even hit the market yet, so we did not have to worry about competing with every other buyer in town. Even better was the fact that Jeff & Tina helped us to negotiate a purchase price $6,000 under the appraised value. The home buying decision also needed to be made in a very short amount of time and the whole team helped expedite the process.. My last real estate transaction was a nightmare with my previous agent. I know in our next transaction we will call the HomeSmiths. Thank you Jeff and Tina for helping us attain our goal.

    Shawn & Vicky
    Englewood, Colorado

    I bought my home with ZERO DOWN

    I bought my home with ZERO DOWN I have wanted to own my own home for a long time, but I have always had a difficult time trying to save up the enormous down payment most realtors want to charge. Then I heard about your Zero Down payment program. To say the least, I was a little skeptical at first. I figured it was just late night TV hype. Well, here I am at the closing of my new home and I did indeed buy my new home with Zero down, Well actually, I think the total charges amounted to $33.00.

    Linda Webb

    Our Home Sold for FULL Asking Price

    Jeff & his team will sell your home FAST & FOR TOP DOLLAR ! I should know, because this is the 3rd time I have seen Jeff and his home selling systems in action. With Jeff’s programs my latest home sold for full asking price in just a matter of days. I would recommend Jeff and his team to anyone wishing to have the best on their side.

    Jeff Tibbetts

    Sold in 3 Days for 99% of asking price

    We recently sold and purchased a new larger home in the neighborhood & I would certainly use Jeff on our next move again. Jeff and his teams approach to selling or buying a home is excellent. We were very comfortable having someone so knowledgeable about the neighborhood handling our transaction. Jeff sold our home in 3 days for 99% of the asking price. We have met a lot of realtors over the years, but we knew that Jeff could get the job done.

    Andrew Babiuk & Johanna Saldyt

    Following Jeffs advise we increased our value by $15,000

    I would highly recommend Jeff to any of our acquaintances or anyone in the neighborhood or elsewhere for that matter. He gave good advise and was able to sell our house very quickly. Jeff’s advise on how to prepare the home for sale netted us almost 15 thousand more than the appraisal we had done just months prior to talking to Jeff. Thank you!

    Tim & Mary Merrick

    We already have recommended you to several of our friends

    “Jeff you said that you would take care of it for us and you did …you did it all & I did not have to worry about it and that is the key”!

    Richard & Ann McCune

    Jeff’s team had me in my new home in 13 days

    I am most definitely excited to be a new homeowner. Jeff & his team were able to expedite the whole process in a fast and efficient manner. The whole process took exactly 13 days from our initial meeting to the day that I was moving in to my new condominium in Cheeseman Park. I would most definitely recommend Jeff & his team they will do the best to accommodate your needs.

    Don Brown

    You showed us just the type of homes we were looking for.

    When you need to buy a home fast, Jeff is your man. We recently relocated to the Denver area and we were on a tight time frame and what you said you would get done -you got done! Jeff was very patient with us and was able to show us just the types of homes we were looking for.

    Rob & Stacey Carroll

    We found our house in just 2 weeks!

    The fact that Jeff’s team sent us lists of homes that had just been put on the market gave us the edge we needed in this buyer’s market to secure a great home in our price range. They were very helpful in “holding our hands” through the home buying process, presenting us with options and letting us make our own decisions.

    Amy & Chris Clark

    We Received Daily Updates of the Newest Homes on the Market

    Thanks to Jeff and his team we found a home in just 3 weeks! Jeff negotiated a fair price for us. When something sounded difficult or complicated, Jeff and his team would make it seem easy. We worked with Jeff on prior transactions and would absolutely recommend the HomeSmiths Team to other home buyers.

    The Clarks

    We Found a Home in Just One Day

    After receiving emails for 2 weeks of good computer listings we found our home in just one day of looking! Jeff got us a lower price than we expected and took care of everything for us.

    Claude Phelps & Karen Miller

    We sold our home in only 4 days!

    The Homesmiths Team handled all the logistics of the sale making it easy for us. Everything moved quickly from sale to closing. We got a fair price and would recommend the Homesmiths Team to others looking to sell or buy.

    Tim Ludwig & Jennifer Beasley

    The Homesmiths Team sold our home in just 2 days!

    The Homesmiths Team kept us well informed along the way. Everyone was extremely willing to work with us to meet our requirements. We valued our positive experience and relationship with LindaKaye.

    John Young & Jane Doyle

    I will tell everybody about the Homesmiths Team!

    I felt confident the Home Smith Team could do exactly what you did do for me. Get the best price for my home under difficult conditions of sale. I will tell everybody I know that is interested in property in the Denver metropolitan area about the high level of service I did in fact receive from you and your associates.

    Linda Webb

    We bought our home for Thousands less than the appraised price!

    It is not often that a purchaser can buy a house that appraises for thousands more than they paid for it. You and your team’s enthusiasm for the process was so refreshing. It was like having a trusted friend along on each showing. And I am confident that we got top dollar for the house we sold after seeing what other homes in my old neighborhood are currently listed for. We will certainly call you again when it is time to find another home for our family.

    Mary Davidson & Greg Tiemeier

    The E-mail service was great!

    The E-mail system was great in allowing us to weed out houses that we would have had to have gone and seen. We greatly appreciate that Greg let us know that the house we wanted went back on the market. We would recommend the Homesmiths Team to any home buyer who is looking to find a home quickly for the best price.

    Dave & Stephanie Ingraham

    The HomeSmiths Team named as a FIVE STAR Real Estate Team 5280 Magazine.

    The HomeSmiths Team has been honored with a recognition by in its selection of “America’s Best Real Estate Agents 2013”

    Colorado Teams

    Our realtor Jacci, is very informative, friendly, knows the neighborhoods. She knows models of ALL the homes, responds even on vacation and always in touch.

    Mike & Grace Kauspedas

    Catherine was very helpful and the process went as smooth as possible. Homesmiths has always been great to work with.

    Kathy Parson