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How to Have a Successful Home Inspection



Today we are here to discuss how to prepare your home for a successful inspection. When home inspections don’t work properly, there are 2 bad things that can happen.
  1. The contract fails and you lose both time and money. This is the #1 reason we see transactions fail.
  2. The buyer will beat you up for $2-$3 for every $1 it would have cost you to fix it beforehand.
When getting your home ready for sale on the market, there are 5 pre-market actions that we like to focus on. They are:
  1. The roof- We’ve had a lot of hail damage recently here in Denver, getting a 5-year roofing certificate from a licensed contractor is a smart idea.
  1. The furnace- Make sure it’s cleaned and certified.
  1. Plumbing- If you have an older home, perhaps with a clay sewer line, have it cleaned out and scoped by a professional sewage company.
  1. Do a room by room audit- Figure out what issues you can take care of now, like a sticky window or broken lock. Taking care of these small issues up-front is very smart.
  1. Offer a home warranty-  This warranty will cover all the major systems on your property, not only for the time period that you’re marketing the home, but also for up to a year after the buyer purchases the home. This will allow the buyer the confidence they need to make a good offer.
If you do these 5 things, we can offer your home as a certified pre-owned home, making it stand out among others and most likely to get top dollar. If you have any questions for us, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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