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Jeff Smith "Smitty"

O: 303-480-1399

Expert Advice, Guaranteed Results!

Born & Raised in Colorado Jeff has devoted his entire adult life mastering every phase of the real estate business. It has been his passion, maybe even to the point of obsession. His reasoning is that he can impact people in a big way by providing the best service and knowledge in the industry. Now through his team he is able to leverage his experience, passion and expertise with the industries best real estate strategies, systems, and real estate agent partners in the industry.

Jeff knew early on that he wanted to impact people in a big way and watched many of his successful family members do just that through real estate. Starting out he remembers thinking at the time that he must in fact be the youngest agent in Denver. Jeff had to learn how to get clients to take him seriously and trust in him. This quickly became his soapbox … “ I know what I know and I know what I don’t, and, when I don’t know something, I promise I will seek out the right answer … And I guarantee you will never find anyone who will work harder for you or care more about your goals than I”. That was usually all that it took to get someone to “try him out”. Oh, and he still stands by that successful sales presentation today, earning him the trust of life long clients.

Jeff tries to keep his life order by focusing on God, family and then business. With 2 kiddos counting on him he knows he has to be on his “A” game every day. An avid outdoor sports enthusiast, Jeff loves everything Colorado has to offer. He loves to Ski with his kids, get muddy in his jeep, throw a Frisbee, hike a new peak, twist the throttle down a windy rode on his Harley, and jump a log on his dirt bike.

Jeff is the Team Leader for one of Keller Williams top teams in the Metro Denver Area and the Colorado Region. He brings the vision, inspiration and training that empowers his team to impact his client’s lives by showing up every day, ready to hustle & work hard serving our clients with “Expert Advice and Guaranteed Results”.

Jeff’s Favorite book is “Oh The Places You Will Go” By Dr. Seuss.
He treasures the friendships he has earned in and out of real estate
Jeff has never been without a golden retriever by his side since he was a young teenager.
He is a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and loves watching mixed martial arts and boxing.
He desperately needs someone to show him how to catch a fish with a fly rod.
He learned from his mom that “Wherever you go…there you are” so he wants to retire in South America traveling to wherever the wind might blow him.
He knows he needs to hurry up and learn Spanish.

As your Home Expert with The HomeSmiths Team, I assist in the process to discuss and analyze your home buying and selling needs. We then work together to come up with the best plan of action to suit your situation. Our team has been in the business for over 28 years and have the knowledge and experience to aid you in your transaction. Looking to Sell or Buy, look no further as I am capable and willing to help you today! Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Jeff Smith "Smitty"
Home Expert
Office: 303-480-1399
The HomeSmiths Team - Keller Williams
6300 S. Syracuse Way
Englewood CO 80111

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